About US

About Us

Welcome to NAVS Technologies LLC, your strategic partner in cutting-edge digital transformation.

Who We Are

NAVS Technologies LLC, commonly known as “NAVS,” is a boutique consulting firm that sits at the intersection of technology and business optimization. With a diverse and rich portfolio, we have carved a niche for our proficiency in software development, cloud operations, cloud security, and a myriad of advanced consulting solutions.

Our Expertise

  • Software & Web Development: We harness the power of NodeJS, REACT JS, JAVA, SPRING, METEOR JS, and KOTLIN to create bespoke applications tailored to your business needs.
  • Cloud Solutions: Our mastery covers an array of platforms including AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IONOS, and Rackspace. Whether you’re looking for seamless migration, operations, or security, we have the expertise to guide you.
  • Identity & Security Services: With credentials in Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Firepower, Agari Anti-phishing, and Ping Identity CIAM, we guarantee that your digital identity is both secure and efficient. Our deep knowledge in Cyber Kill Chain and the MITRE Attack framework further empowers our client’s cybersecurity measures.
  • SIEM Solutions: We don’t just deploy. We strategize, design, and implement. Partnering with industry leaders like Exabeam, Securonix, Google Chronicle, and Elasticsearch SIEM, we provide a comprehensive view over your operations.
  • High Availability Infrastructure: Expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, and Mesos ensures that your operations remain consistent and resilient.
  • Compliance and Logging: We meticulously design and develop logging solutions to meet stringent compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS and SOX. You can be confident that your operations are held to the highest standards.
  • Automation & Orchestration: With tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible Vault, we make certain that your processes are not just automated but orchestrated with precision.
  • Cybersecurity: Our arsenal includes advanced tools like CrowdStrike, Elastic Endpoint, and more. With us by your side, your digital assets remain shielded against emerging threats.

Our Promise

Engaging with NAVS means you’re collaborating with a team passionately committed to envisioning, crafting, and deploying top-tier solutions. With our unwavering focus on innovation and excellence, we’re poised to guide your enterprise through the intricate labyrinth of technology.

Join us today and set forth on a journey of unparalleled digital innovation.